Sunday, July 10, 2011

So here we go

Hello everyone out there. I have been a fan obsessed with blogs for a little while now and thought I would give it a try.

My name is Paige I am a 25 year old living in Salt Lake City. I have the most amazing family and amazing boyfriend around and I love to use the word amazing. I have had a goal for about the past 25 years and that is to live the best life possible. I have had many bumps along the road with this goal and for quite a few years totally forgot about it but it always comes back to me in some way. Over the past few months it has all come to a head after a succession of craziness in the world we live in today.

I am not a writer,not a very good spelling, and frankly not good with grammar or anything of that nature but I love communicating with people and love to try to help and reach out.

This blog is going to be a place where you can share open and honestly about the daily things we do to try and live a better/best life possible. I have struggled with substances,food and exercise, pretty much everything that takes you off the path of living a good life. Not a new concept by any means but I thought I would try and get it out there.

I feel weird writing this already and feel pretty self indulgent but it is out there now. Have at it.