Thursday, August 9, 2012

So I am new to blogging, as you can tell :) I am not 100% sure on how I want it to go. I definitely want to share my life with people out there, give some pointers on what has worked for me, and share our experiences in this beautiful life.

I think I will just give a little bit of back round. I grew up in an awesome family and had a really normal life. In my teen ages years and early twenties my life became very complicated and was plagued by addiction and unhappiness. I was diagnosed with depression, alcoholism, and any and all mood disorder out there. When I eventually got sober in the summer of 2007 all of the diagnoses had gone away!

While I grew up I was always looking to be happy and content. I search for that feeling in some very dark places. Thank heavens I got out of alive. Still after getting sober there was something missing for that point the real, non medicated, clear minded search started!!

I found hope and love in the rooms of 12 step programs, where my roots were sprouted and hang tight. I have looked to exercise, food, attention, mediation, EFT, LOA and all the other letters of the alphabet for this happiness.

Today I know that I am worthy of a beautiful life. Today I know that being happy and having fun are my number one goals in life.

This blog will be about that (at least right now anyway!). I will be about sharing the love and what makes us happy and what we have fun with.

I am not saying we don't have bumps in the road, I am not saying that my life is perfect by any means, but this is what we are here for. We are here to experience and enjoy life. So let's do that together!!

Much love,

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