Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Try again

Hello everyone!

I am going to try and do this blog thing again. A lot has happened in the last year even more then I had previously mentioned.

I am still on the road to my best life and still have a passion for being here to talk to people in this process as well.

My life has also led me onto the road of Law of Attraction. (I will often refer to this as LOA, which as you can see is just an acronym.). LOA has contributed so much to how the last year of my life has unfolded.

The last year=AMAZING!

The basic definition of Law of Attraction is-Like attracts like.

Which to me means-what you think about or "like"... is going to be attracted to you. Even if you are thinking about what you "don't want" that thought will manifest into your experience or life. 

We are all participating in Law of Attraction, it is just a matter of using it to our best advantage. Which is actually pretty easy to do if we are willing to. 

Here is an easy way to start using it to your advantage...Start thinking about "happy thing". Such as: a child, a pet, your wedding day, your favorite meal, a friend. Just hold onto those thoughts for a little while. Remember how you felt in those moments with those people or pets. Wow, doesn't that feel good! I hope so, keep those feelings going for today and let me know how it felt!

All of this I have gathered from other LOA teachers but mostly from the teachings of Abraham. Much appreciation goes there!

Tomorrow I will post about this last years journey and a little bit about my past. 

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