Monday, August 13, 2012

The first time I manifested money!!

After a while of living the life that I lived in my early twenties you can imagine that I racked up some major debt. Well...nothing too crazy but I did have some overdue medical bills, credit card debt, and some unfavorable check cashing loans...Yikes!

It was summer and I had just realized that I wanted to have these things paid off. I wrote out a check to myself for $3,000. I kept repeating "man, I love that my bills are paid off". I honestly knew nothing about affirmations or anything like that. So that makeshift little saying was happening.

One day in the mail I got a statement from the company that holds my 401K. This letter told me how much money is in my 401K and also informed me of the option to take a loan out on that money, you can borrow half of whatever you have in your 401K...this amounted to about $2,700!! How awesome is that? To pay back the loan they take a little bit of money out of your pay check and you are actually paying yourself back. No-brainer right?

It was I called the company and asked about it. I faxed in a form and was sent a check for 2,700 dollars!! It was so so easy!

I asked the Universe for $3,000 and within about a month all of my outstanding bills had been paid.

That right there is creating the world I want.

I love this story!


  1. What a great story! I love it when things work out so effortlessly. Thank your for reminding us.

  2. Nicely done Paige!! I love that!! Life always works are a brilliant manifester!!!


  3. Thank you, Joy. I know I swear it just came right into my fingers. Such a good feeling!

    Thanks, Leigha! Life seriously does ALWAYS work out for us. That feels good. You are a brilliant manifester! I learn from the best!